Millermatic 211 Review!

miller millermatic 211 mig welderMiller Millermatic 211 MIG Welder With Auto Set At A Glance:

  • Auto Set™: This is a feature created exclusively by Miller where it adjusts your welder to the correct settings so you don’t have to do it yourself.
  • Infinite voltage control: This is a feature that lets you manually adjust the voltage to the right settings.
  • Thick metal: This welder is touted to weld the thickest material in it’s class.
  • Smooth Start™ technology: This is a technology that is also exclusive to Miller which gives you a smooth, spatterless start and it really works (just like Auto Set).
  • Multi Voltage Plug: This feature of the Millermatic 211 gives you the option to connect to either a 120 Volt or a 230 Volt outlet, which is really handy.

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Full Millermatic 211 Review:

The Miller brand is considered to be the highest end brand in welding, although Lincoln and Hobart (which was purchased my Miller) have comparable machines in different classes.

The Miller 211 mig welder is an excellent welder, no doubt about it. You really can’t go wrong with it. For a welder in its class it’s the most expensive because it’s a Miller, but you are paying for a slightly better quality machine with features that are hard to find like Auto Set and Smooth Start technology. But it’s going to last forever.

At full load this welder puts out 210 amps which is good for a small welder. But with that output on a smaller welder the duty cycle is lower, but that’s not a big deal, and if it is a big deal you need a more powerful welder.

This little guy can weld! And it has a small foot print, making an ideal welder for a home, shop, or farm, and you can tote it around quite easily. Easy set up makes it a really good overall machine.

Like all Miller welders, this Millermatic 211 mig welder is capable of all kinds of jobs from simple repairs to fabrication of motorcycle parts, frames, and auto.

It’s a fast little guy. But it’s smooth thanks to the Smooth Start technology, and you won’t be doing very much clean up. You’ll find that the weld quality on thin metals and thick metals (with a little preparation on the thicker stuff) is excellent.

The downside is that the MIG gun is only ten feet, but since the Miller 211 is easy to tote around and very portable that won’t be a big deal.

If you are planning on building heavy duty structures like maybe a bridge, this is not the welder for you. But if you are planning on welding thin metals and fairly significant structural type welds like heavy duty trailers and such, then you will be more than happy with this welder.

You may find that you’ll need gas, a welding cart, new consumables, etc. which can be costly so factor that into buying this high end welder (for it’s class). But it’s a killer little welder and it is top of it’s class for sure.

Some say it’s a great welder for the first timer, but many veteran welders have chosen the Miller 211 mig welder after welding for 20 years on more powerful machines.

Two welders you might consider if you don’t quite need as much power, or you don’t want to spend quite as much is the Miller 180 mig welder, or my personal favorite the Hobart 210.

Features Of The Millermatic 211 Mig Welder:

  • Welds 24 gauge – 3/8 inch mild steel.
  • New Auto Set™ technology: This cool feature gives you the correct settings so you don’t need to mess with them when you weld using .030 or .035 steel.
  • At 230 volts you can weld up to 3/8 inch mild steel in one pass which is the highest output in it’s class.
  • You’ll get a Miller spool gun with the Millermatic 211 called the Spoolmate 100, which will weld anything from 18 gauge aluminum to 3/8 inch aluminum.
  • Smooth Start™ technology: This surprisingly effective feature is a patent pending technology that creates a spatterless start to your welding, which makes your work very smooth, less clean up, and your gun won’t ‘pop’.
  • Dual Groove: The feedhead of the Miller 211 mig welder has a dual groove feature which many welders of this class have (Hobart, and Lincoln and a few other lower end brands), and provides you with easy, quick changeover of your drive roll. It’s overall design basically makes it easier to set up, and faster too.
  • Overload Protection: This unit has a thermal overload system that will shut the welder down if you go past the duty cycle or if the airflow is blocked. It will then reset as it cools, or when the fault has been sufficiently addressed.
  • “Tip Saver”: This feature is helpful because the Millermatic 211 will shut down output if the tips is shortened to the work. This will giving more life to your contact tips, and will protect your unit from internal damage of the welders components. Also, there is a trigger reset so you don’t have to go to the actual unit to reset it.
  • Electrically Cold: This mig welder has a solid state contactor circuit that makes the wire ‘cold’ electrically (until you pull the trigger) which makes this machine much safer than older welders without this technology. Not to mention you can place this welder in more positions which gives you more productivity throughout the day.
  • Easy Changeover: Miller makes it easy to access the output studs when it’s time for a polarity changeover (switching from solid or flux cored wire), which is another time saving, hassle free little feature.
  • Self Resetting: The Miller 211 mig welder has a circuit for the motor that is self-resetting which virutally eliminates the need to replace fuses.
  • Spool Sizes: This unit uses either 4 inch or 8 inch (102 millimiter or 203 millimeter) spools, and it can be set up with wire sizes .024 – .035 inch (0.6 – 0.9 millimeter) mild stainless steel, and .030 – .045 inch flux cored (0.8 – 1.2 millimeter).

Miller Millermatic 211 Mig Welder – What You Will Actually Get:

  • The welder.
  • 6 foot power cord with (1.8 meters) power cord and Multi Voltage Plug (MVP™) plugs.
  • 10 foot MIG gun cable assembly (3 meters): M-100 MIG gun.
  • 10 foot work cable (3 meters) and welding clamp.
  • Smith® Argon and AR/CO2 mix regulator/flow gauge with hose.
  • Hobart®: .030 inch solid wire (0.8 millimeter).
  • Two contact tips for .030 inch wire (0.8 millimeter) and two contact tips for .035 inch wire (0.9 millimeter).
  • Quick change drive roll (dual groove) for .024 inch (0.6 millimeter) or .030 and .035 inch wire (0.8 and 0.9 millimeter).
  • Factory installed gas solenoid valve.
  • Miller 211 Mig Welder Set-up and operation CD.
  • Information and settings chart.
  • Material thickness gauge.

Price of the Millermatic 211: $1,195.

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