Arksen MIG 130 Flux Core Welder!

For MIG and flux core welding at a straightforward and great price, the Arksen MIG-130 Gasless Flux Core Welder should be a consideration for those of us looking for a low cost part time (weekends) or secondary welder for smaller projects or just for fun. It’s also a great beginner welder.

Frankly I can’t believe what you can get for under $200 these days when it comes to welders! This machine has an automatic feed mechanism feature and has a no-gas operation, which makes it a tad safer than most similar welders out there. It is a must-have for flux core and MIG welders out there.

Arksen Mig-130 Specifications

This particular flux core welder uses 115 volts of voltage at 60 Hz and it is relatively easy to use than most welders out there. In fact, setup is easy with this MIG welder and flux core welder due to its simple and straightforward design.

Capable of fairly heavy duty welds, this one has a thermal overload protection feature which makes it safer in comparison to others out there. It has an automatic feed which is usually standard on welders these days but not necessarily on cheap ones.

It is easy to use especially for those who are starting out with flux core and MIG welding. It will come in handy for DIY’ers and welding shops who need a back up welder.

It only has a small learning curve so it is super easy for beginners to learn. Max voltage is 37. Welding mild steel would be fairly easy for intermediate or advanced welders. It has variable speed control which makes it even easier.

It is ready out of the box as a flux welder, single phase. It takes 0.030 inch flux core wire. The flux core wire is, of course, self-shielding so you don’t need gas, making this a really good first time welder.

Its construction is durable for a low cost flux/mig welder.

The duty cycle is at 10% at 105 amps and 35% at 60 amps.

The capacity of wires range from 0.023 inch to 0.035 inch for steel & stainless steel and it can work on any practice piece so you can be putting it to good use.

Ideal for 0.030 inch to 0.035 inch aluminum, it comes with the torch and the tip as well as the ground cord. Ideal for home use for getting a good weld, it has 4 adjustable heating options and is CE listed.

This Arksen mig and flux core welder kit comes with a wire brush and a chipping hammer, and a cheap welding mask.

The Good and The Bad

This welder is ideal for light use and small projects. You don’t need gas which makes it handy when you are in a pinch.

This welding kit looks quite professional.

Perhaps the only few hiccups would be the fact that the mask, brush and other minor accessories may not be as quality as you think it should be, but you can always purchase these items separately.

Even if the instructions are not as clear as they should be, you can always YouTube the instructions and setup and it is still quite easy to put together if you have basic knowledge of MIG and flux core welder systems.


The Arksen MIG-130 Flux Core Welder is a good choice for those who want a first time welder for fun and practicing at home. But it can also be a decent back up welder for more serious fabricators out there. But if you are looking for a high quality long term welder for smaller jobs get similar powered machines like the Lincoln, Miller, or Hobart.

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