Awesome Female Welding Artists!

Welding is a technical, economic and creative process that consumes the welder’s innovative aspect and enables you to join two or more parts of a material and create one efficient product. This whole process seems so technical and can be considered a masculine activity, however, several female metal artists have established excellent and expert skills in the welding industry. Female metal artists can bring out both the delicate, dedicated and creative aspect of the female nature thus enabling them grow and be respected in the welding industry.

There are several female welders such as Darcy Hickman, who works at the Lincoln Electric, Texas, for five years, as a technical sales representative has had a welding experience. She graduated as an engineer from Northern University in Ohio and received an year’s welding training at the Lincoln welding school.

She considers herself as outgoing and loves the risky welding adventure and therefore, she does not let her gender be a hindrance to her passion and interests. Hickman argues that as a woman, it encourages her customers who would love to be in the same profession that if she as a woman can do it, they can also do it.

Peggy Ritschel is an instructor of the sculptural welding program at Metropolitan Community College. Peggy enjoys the opportunity to be an adviser and to inspire the young people on welding. As a welder, she believes that women have a great chance and opportunity to explore their creativity skills without having fears. She says that as a welder one should love expressing themselves through the joining of metallic materials and that it enables the welders to create a bond as a female welding community. Peggy is intrigued by how through joining metals, one can achieve a better product from the welding process.

Another metal artist is Army Sherwood. She has a great passion for the technical aspect of welding, and as a welder, she always looks forward to the substantial involvement in welding. Sherwood believes that as a woman in the welding business, she’s treated with respect by her colleagues and customers. She also trains high school students, always encouraging the young females to be open minded to the welding industry and inspiring them to establish an interest to acquire skills as welders.

Erin Hause is a young metal artist who is determined to continue pursuing her welding career because it is her passion. She graduated a welding program in the Hobart Welding school and currently works at Kerber Sheet Metal in Troy as she does an apprenticeship program. Hause believes that women should be able to explore the technical activities as well without considering welding a cumbersome and laborious business. She enjoys the whole process and finds the idea of creating something different every day very high.

Polly Morgan is one of the best Britain’s young sculptors. She majors in creating bird sculptures mostly using metal. As a welder, she is intrigued by the risky and open nature of her career. She believes that all jobs can be dangerous at times and difficult to do thus require assistance and that applies to her too as a female welder. She ensures that she creates products that are of both quality and quantity having established regular customers as well as new interested clients. Morgan is a young free spirited woman who loves what she does and encourages more young females to be open and inspired to pursue robust activities.

Joann Dove is yet another female welder. She studied and acquired the welding skills out of interest on the job and thus works for herself. She has therefore developed and had different opportunities in exploring the welding experience. As a welder, Joann believes that women should get to explore different experiences and make decisions out of the first-hand experience.

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