Chicago MIG or TIG Welding Cart Review!

mig-tig-welding-cartThis is a concise review of the welding cart made by Chicago Pneumatic which can be used for MIG or TIG welding.

Welding can be a serious task that requires mobility or moving from one place to another. Usually, you would have really heavy welding gear that needs to be moved depending on the size of your project. For that, you will need a welding cart – a sturdy wheeled piece of equipment that lets you carry all your welding gear, accessories, etc.

Formed with a sturdy steel construction, a high-quality powder coat finish, the MIG TIG welding cart by Chicago Pneumatic is definitely a product to consider when you’d like a handy movable storage during your welding work. It has a lot of neat features, is durable and sells at an affordable price.

My Chicago welding cart with my Hobart welder and gas on board.

Features Of The MIG and TIG Welding Cart.

The welding cart can secure the gas cylinder using two safety chains. For additional storage, it also has two convenient shelves below. You can put things there such as consumables and your welding helmet (yes, it has enough space below for something such as a welding helmet).

For you to easily access controls, the top shelf has a tilted design, as well as a hook for torch assembly. Having a smartly-designed top of a welding cart makes it easier for any welder to get their job done when it comes to welding.

The powder coat finish is also quite professionally-made. Combined with the sturdy steel construction, this welding cart is guaranteed to service you for a long time in your welding work.

Physical Features.

The product measures at a height of 28 inches, width of 16 inches and length of 28 inches, and weighs 31 lbs. The average assembly time you need for this is about 25 minutes. It might not be made up of heavy steel but that’s the catch – it’s neither too heavy nor too light to carry or stroll around. It is still quite durable.

How Much Is It?

Compared to most fancy and expensive welding carts, the Chicago Pneumatic MIG TIG welding cart is a great deal for almost 1/3 of the price of those fancy carts and yet it’s very durable and reliable.

One drawback, which is very minor is that the lip of the cart is in the way of opening the lid to my Hobart mig welder, and after you get it over the lip the welding gun hook that I attached on the side (there’s one on both sides) also gets in the way. But it’a not a big deal and I keep it open hanging on the hook as I weld sometimes for convenience.

Opening MIG welder and welding gun hook is in the way.

Some Tips on Using the MIG TIG Welding Cart.

If ever you are using oxygen and acetylene tanks for welding, you can fit them at the rear of cart, despite the fact that this space isn’t really meant for gas tanks. A stand exists to help with some out cables as well. The cart is also good for holding / carrying plasma cutters or small welders. You might want to use washers for any loose axle in the welding cart. You might also want to modify the bottle chain attachment to keep them secured.

My small gas cylinder secured to the back of the cart.

In case you want to take extra careful with the product when you order it, there is a way to avoid shipping damage, since most customers who order this welding cart seem to say that the box gets damaged through shipping. You can request a double box when you order it to get shipped.

About the Manufacturer.

Having sold products to over 150 countries worldwide, Chicago Pneumatic is a well-known and reputable company that sells welding supplies and other industrial needs such as air compressors, hydraulic tools and assembly systems. Other products that they sell include power drills, impact wrenches and other welding stuff.

Importance of Welding Carts.

Choosing the right welding cart can save you in the long run when you are working on any welding project, regardless if you are a beginner, a professional or a simple home hobbyist. A good welding cart should have more extra spaces to fit everything you need to take with you on mobile and at the same time, have enough durability to withstand the weight of everything you carry.

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