Clarke 130 EN MIG Welder Review!

Clarke 130 EN Mig WelderProduct Description

To those workers out there who are looking for an ideal and a competent welding machine, the Clarke 130 EN MIG Welder could be a worthy option for you, especially since the price is so appealing.

And although they are not manufactured in the USA, they are at least made by our closest allies, the Brits! Clarke welders are made in England.

The Clarke 130 EN is loaded with versatile features making it suitable for different uses. Particularly, this is good for industrial, home workshops and any working settings where it will be needed.

  • Moreover, the Clarke 130 EN MIG Welder can be used in welding cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and more. 


The machine is also built with solid state electric heat control. This property of the Clarke 130 EN will provide you with the best wire speed control. The range of welding using this machine is about 30 to 130 Peak Amps.

  • There is also full turn on and off control to ensure that there is no accident initiation of the machine. Due to the amazing properties of features that Clarke 130 EN MIG Welder has to offer to you, this is already been recommended by major welding machine review sites.

Basically, this welder is being offered with price range starting from $319.92 up to $499.00. Most of the online sources like in Amazon, customers will be given a 10-year warranty.

If you want a cutting edge welder, go with a more expensive Miller, or a nice Lincoln.

But if you want a fairly advanced flux core mig welder, and you want to retain quality manufacturing in a welder, then this is the exact product that you have been looking for.

Product Features

  • The Clarke 130 EN is made with touch of versatility. This is perfect for welding cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and well steel.
  • There is also patented automatic protection for thermal overload making the machine a lot safer to use.
  • It comes with Tweco type of torch. This comes with matching safety control for accidental On and Off.
  • This welder has the capacity to weld even more than 3/16 in just a single pass. Furthermore, this is made with 30 up to 130 Peak Amps.
  • This Clarke MIG Welder is offered with 10-year warranty.
  • It is fan cooled, and has 4 power setting features.


In order to determine if the Clarke 130 EN is the perfect option for you, it is best to know first the pros of the product. What you will like the most about this item is its genuine versatility. Yes, what you see in its product features regarding its indication is definitely true. The automatic thermal overload protection is also the best. This ensures that you will be safe throughout the procedure or the task that you are performing.

The 4 power setting features also make ace the competition. When it comes to its performance, a lot of people say that they are satisfied with it. The product will surely offer them with the best output ever. The price is also properly set. Obtaining this product will not require you with an unreasonable amount of dollars.


After hearing the pros, it is time to reveal some of the cons of this welder. With careful assessment and thorough research, it was discovered that this welder does not cause any major concerns. The performance of this welders features are all real, and they work as advertised.

However, Clarke International, the company that makes these welders, closed down their USA manufacturing facility, and therefore you’ll have to deal with them across the pond. This may cause a problem in terms of getting parts, and getting questions answered (unless you are in the UK of course). Not to mention if the the Clarke breaks down you are probably going to have to send it to the UK (not sure about this so check for yourself).

Secondly, it will be hard to find a local shop who will work on it as well.

With that said, you may want to stick with a USA brand, or a USA based company like Eastwood or Northern Tools since you can deal with them here, and get parts and questions answered in a timely manner.

Customer Reviews and Scores

At this point in time, Clarke 130 EN mig welder has already received 3.3 out of 5 stars rating in Amazon. This is the collaborative rating which is based from the scores given by 6 reviews about the item. Particularly, there is 1 review which gave the item with 5 stars. On the other hand, there are 2  reviews which rated it with 4 stars, 1 with 3 stars and 2 with 2 stars.


If you live in the UK, this is a good welder for you because the manufacturing facility is close by and you can probably get parts quickly, and you don’t have to deal with sending it overseas if it breaks down.

Although it is a good flux core mig welder, if you are in the USA I would go with another welder manufactured or serviced here. Read this article on the best mig welder for the money.

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