Common Questions When Buying A Welder!

What Does The Duty Cycle Mean?

Example: The Hobart Handler 140 has a duty cycle of 20% at 90 Amps. This means that the machine will weld continuously for 2 minutes, then it needs to rest for 8 minutes before welding again.

A 30% duty cycle means you can weld continuous for 3 minutes, then the machine needs to rest for 7 minutes before welding again.

How Many Volts Is A Typical House Outlet?

The typical home outlet runs on 110 volts, but now outlets are measuring at 120-125 Volts So if someone says 115/110/120, they are pretty all talking about the same thing.

What Welders Operate on 110 Volts?

I can recommend 2 units that operate on 110, Hobart Handler 125 115V Flux Cored/MIG-Ready Welder and the Hobart Handler 140 115V Flux Cored/MIG Welder. This one that will operate on either 110 or 230: the Hobart Handler 210MVP (Multi-Voltage Plug) 115V/230V Flux Cored/MIG Welder. It’s cool because it has a built in switch to change it over from one to the other making it quite portable to fit multiple needs.

If I had to choose I would choose the Handler 140 because it’s four hundred less than the Handler 210MVP, and for just one hundred and fifty more than the Handler 125. However, if money is not an option I would get the Handler 210MVP.

What Are New Consumables?

New consumables would be a brand new tip and electrode. Not one that is worn due to use. I guess you could say a fresh tip and electrode.

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