Eastwood 175 MiG Welder Review!

eastwood-175-mig-welderWhen it comes to affordable but high-quality welders with spool guns, the Eastwood MIG Welder is a great choice.

Powered by 220V, it has a welding range of 30 to 175 amps and it can weld 14 gauge, aluminum and aluminum plate (1/4″) as well, using the Eastwood spool gun that comes with it.

It can operate for 210 to 240 VACS and has a duty cycle of 30% at 135 amps.

The unit is also set to the standards or greater than most U.S. brand welders, tested and tried to have better functionality and durability. Its cutting ability is superb and it can easily cut through aluminum sheet metal, provided that you weld slowly and let it cool for a bit. It can also weld 24-ga, stainless steel and 5/16″ with its power.


Its durability is quite competitive and you can use it for more than a year with little setbacks and can easily weld 1/4″ hassle-free. You can do a lot with this machine, and the fact that it might have been a Chinese manufactured product doesn’t mean it’s incredibly cheap and sloppily made – it depends upon the user if he or she will take good care of it when and after welding. You can use it as an alternative from your branded ones like Miller or Hobart, especially if you only need to cut 1/4″ and aluminum stuff.

What’s in the box?

The welder comes with a spool 0.030″ (solid MIG and 4043 aluminum wire) as well as the spool gun and gas regulator. It doesn’t include, however, CO2 and Argon bottles. If you have a secondary welder of another brand, it is also quite compatible when you reuse the nozzles and accessories.

Eastwood 175 MiG Welder Warranty.

Eastwood offers a 3 year warranty on their welder. However, if you purchased the machine from a reseller, it doesn’t really qualify with the warranty so make sure you’ll buy from direct or from a legitimate Eastwood seller, noted by the “Sold Eastwood” label. Other than that problem, the warranty of 3 years is greatly justifiable and worth your money.

Pros and Cons Of TheEastwood 175 MiG Welder.

The Eastwood welder is a great deal when you are considering the price, because it’s quite affordable especially for those who are first time in welding or the hobbyists who want to do welding at the comfort of their own home. It can also act as a back-up welder in case you don’t want to overuse your branded welders if you work in a shop or similar environment. Its durability and power allows you to weld a lot of material and it can last for years with little problems depending on how you take good care of it.

The only downside, as with most Chinese products, is that with the cheap price comes a few setbacks. Most buyers complain that they had problems with the small roll of wire and the arc. And, as mentioned above, if you did not purchase your welder directly from Eastwood or a legitimate seller, or if you bought it from a reseller, whether offline or online, your 3 year warranty might not be guaranteed. Some buyers say that customer service isn’t as good as most welder brand sellers.


Being a Chinese product, the Eastwood MIG welder isn’t really so bad if you consider using it only for its intended use and the metals that you can possibly weld with it. With the price, you can easily afford it so it’s a great back-up welder or a starter brand for newcomer welders.

But if you’re looking for great warranty and customer service, it’s not the grand winner but very close because of the price for what you get, and you get a lot for your money. There are other occasional drawbacks with its features, but if you use it well, it might last longer than you expect.

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