GMAW MIG Welding DVD Review

If you are looking to learn or improve your welding, whether it is for educational use for training schools (welding schools) or for yourself, or if you are new to welding or would like to get additional training and get more tips with welding, the GMAW MIG Welding DVD is a good alternative to learning the basics of MIG (GMAW) wire feed welding, or a good supplement to your current curriculum.

Wall Mountain GMAW (MIG) Wire Feed DVD by Steve Bleile.

Contents of the MIG Welding DVD.

Running at approximately 45 minutes, the instructional DVD gives you tips and knowledge about the different technical know-how in wire feed welding, hosted and demonstrated by renowned welder Steve Bleile, who also appeared in other related welding DVDs.

It features the dos and don’ts as well as tips and tricks when it comes to the process of gas metal arc welding or MIG welding with shielding gas. MIG welding has been widely accepted and used in the industrial world and for those who want to learn MIG welding, this is a great instructional DVD to watch.

Other than these, there are also a few safety precautions and procedures that are shown in the DVD to help the first-time welders to be secured of their safety in the welding workplace. The DVD also shows a few other topics, such as shielding gas and wires, metal transfers, setting up welding equipment, joint welding and other welding fundamentals, centering more on GMAW / MIG welding. There are also close-up demonstrations of horizontal, flat, vertical and overhead welding positions of short circuit transfer welding. There are even views right from the welder’s helmet.

Who This MIG Welding Instructional Video Is For.

This instructional DVD can benefit a lot of people in the welding industry. First, students who are doing welding exercises can get more ideas and fundamentals from this DVD, as it shows a lot of welding techniques. Welding instructors may find this useful for their teaching strategy, especially to students who are new to welding, specifically MIG welding. Technical and vocational schools definitely need this instructional DVD for educational purposes.

In the same way, those who just want to do DIY welding at home can benefit from this instructional DVD. Even if you don’t enroll yourself in a vocational school or welding class, you can easily learn to weld by yourself with the demonstrations in this DVD. It’s also great for those who don’t have a stable internet connection and want a thorough rundown of MIG welding techniques, tips and tricks, as well as safety necessities.

Pros and Cons.

Despite being short for only 45 minutes or so, it explains a lot when it comes to GMAW / MIG welding. It gives you a detailed welding process and how each of the equipment works. It is quite easy to understand and makes a great instructional DVD for those new to welding or welding students and / or enthusiasts. It has a straight-forward approach so if you’re looking to learning GMAW welding at the quickest time possible without the hassle of enrolling into a welding school then this is your best bet. On the other hand, student welders may also find this instructional material helpful in their class.

There are a few drawbacks, though. For instance, there are already loads of tutorial videos on YouTube you can watch for free, so it’s not always a practical thing to buy for $30 more or less. It also misses a few points such as defining which welds are good and which ones are bad. It might sound beginner-friendly but it’s made to especially teach you about GMAW welding and not exactly the very fundamentals of welding itself, so this is more suitable to intermediate level welders.


Whether getting an instructional DVD or watching on YouTube – the most important thing is that you follow all the instructions carefully not just to improve your welding skills but also to stay safe in the workplace.

It’s definitely a DVD you will want in your library for current and future use.

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