Miller GoChange Spool Gun!

Simply put, the GoChange Miller Spool Gun is something that you will need if you are into MIG welding. It is a great spool gun that uses the push-pull feeder mechanism and is a totally ideal option for those who are going for aluminum welding in general.

A Closer Look At The Go Change Miller Spool Gun.

gochange miller mig aluminum welding torch

Using a powerful DC motor, it runs at 24 volts of power. With a duty cycle rating of 180 amps, it can take wire of 0.8 to 0.9 mm or 0.03 to 0.035 inches. There are also 2 wires that are made for the motor while the switch also gets 2 wires. There is one lead on the spool gun welding torch for powering it up.

If you use it as a DC welder then it is a reliable welder to consider due to its great specifications. Using pure argon has never been easy with the welding torch as the motor speeds are easily controllable in the long run and as a whole. Running it with a .035 aluminum wire, the welding torch works as described as a neat MIG welder that is definitely very easy to change from the function of spool gun to MIG gun so you can switch from one project to another with great ease.

When you use the welding torch with good calculated speed, you are indeed on your way to create the best results on your projects. If you are person who is looking forward to doing some aluminum welding without the hassle and fuss then this is a welding torch to consider for your budget.

Having a 4mm thread for the center shaft, you should be able to set up the spool gun within 30 minutes with no problems at all.

The MIG welding torch really does work well for normal usage so it really functions well for the regular welder or the DIY person. Likewise, it is so easy to connect the spool gun.

The main cable is already connected onto this welding torch and once you get good amp calculation, you are on your way to success for welgochange miller mig aluminum welding torchding your material. With this MIG welding torch, you can’t go wrong with the quality and you will get a great weld as you go further.

Pros and Cons Of The GoChange Spool Gun.

A lot of reviewers praised it for being versatile when it comes down to handling aluminum material. It will be able to handle any normal sized spool and with a test runs, you can get the spool gun working flawlessly without any hassle at all. There are a few modifications that you can actually do for this welding torch to work as you need it. Moreover, it is quite a bargain for its value and its specifications.

Perhaps the only known downside to this MIG welding spool gun is that it is not one of those expensive brands out there so it might not satisfy all welders out there. You shouldn’t really expect anything high and special if you are a bit meticulous if you use different kinds of spool of wire materials as some people have reported it might not be that versatile with finding the right spool of wire to fit in.

In the Long Run.

Overall, the GoChange Miller Spool Gun is still a great find for those who want to weld aluminum with their mig welder. You get the Miller name and the price is reasonable.

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