Goplus MIG 130 Fluxcore Welder!

If you are in dire need of an mig welding machine with the option of welding flux wire, runs AC, and you don’t want to spend more than a few hundred dollars, and you also want your machine to run off of most 110v outlets, then you should take a close look at the Goplus MIG 130 Fluxcore Welder.

Also if you need a mig or flux automatic wire feed welder that that is small but enough to fulfill the duties in your garage then this is might be a good fit despite its size.

Basic Features Of The Goplus MIG 130 Fluxcore Welding Machine.

goplus mig 130 flux-core welding machineAs a sturdy welding machine and as a complete package, the set contains a welding gun, a welding wire, a welding mask and a brush for your needs. People with small scale projects can definitely depend upon this awesome welder.

With 12 inches in its handle length, it is very versatile and okay for a welder. Its circuit breaker is at 10 amps and its maximum open voltage is at 37 volts. The power cord spans at 72 1/2 inches with the welding gun spanning at 65 inches with the cord. Rated for 110 volts at 60 Hz, the welding machine has a max output current of 15 percent at 105 amps. With a max absorbed power of 3.6 KVA, the main fuse is at 13 amps.


There are also four adjustable heating options for the welder. If you need to get a professional finish in welding then this is the welder to count on due to its great features. You will greatly experience the many benefits and pros of using MIG welding process in your homemade projects. The welding unit is strictly dependable at all times for your car welding and other steel welding projects.

The plastic handle and the steel frame combination are both built into the solid welding unit for greater durability. Measuring 13 x 7 inches overall, the welder is relatively easy to carry at only 35 pounds. It might prompt you for a bit of surface preparation so that you can use it for square tubing of 1 inch but this is true for almost all kinds of welders out there.

goplus mig 130 flux-core welding machine

People who work with small metal projects, metal art business and the like can really benefit from this small yet powerful welder for the small jobs. As for the price, it is quite hard to beat because you will just mainly use it for the small sale projects anyway. It is indeed a pretty good welder and a quality machine to boot for its overall price. If you also like to make some vehicle repairs then this is the welder to count on.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Project makers with simple needs can definitely benefit from this particular welder and it is very powerful for a lot of their projects and the like such as tables, drawers and much more. You can also use it for repairing small items that require minimal welding.

The only thing that might bother you is that it is, of course, not as good as the big toys for the big scale projects out there. Its tension screw is also not as adjustable as the bigger welders out there but this is what you get for a minimal price, anyway. If you just want a decent welder that works then these cons are not deal breakers at all.

The Goplus MIG 130 Fluxcore Welder is a low cost machine that will serve your needs in the short run, and perhaps longer depending on the paces you put it through. It’s not going to be a long term high quality machine like a Miller, or Lincoln, but it will adhere to your needs for welding on a small scale so that you do not have to go n and buy yourself a pretty expensive and roomy welder. It’s ideal if you only need a compact welder that really works for its intended purpose which is to weld on small projects. Reviews by dozens of customers are mostly very good.

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