Hobart 210 Mig Welder Review!

hobart 210 mig welderThe Hobart 210 Mig Welder is advertised as the Handler 210 MVP Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP). The old Hobart Handler has been replaced by this new and improved version. Here is why it’s an awesome welding machine…

This unit was built to provide a flexible power alternative, which is really handy for many home welders and even veteran welders who have different outlets. Or if you are planning on upgrading your regular 110v home outlet this is a good welder because you can weld very well on the 110v outlet until you upgrade to 230v. You may never need to upgrade though because even at 115 it works really well.

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Switching from 115v to 230v is easy. All you do is choose the right plug that fits your outlet and get it connected to your Handler 210 MVP, and you’re ready to weld! It’s designed to adjust its power to the correct power.
With seven taps (voltage settings) with a 230V outlet, and a very good wire feed system you’ll have more control over your machine than any other in it’s class. At 115V you’ll get 4 taps.

Simplifying It For You: If you don’t understand all this 115V and amps etc. let me make it really simple. The Hobart 210 MVP will work on a 230 volt or 110 volt (or 120v). You’ll get 140 of output from this machine on a 110 volt (or 120v) outlet. But if you are running your Hobart 210 MVP from a 230 volt outlet you get more power from the machine. You get 210 amps of output. And it adjusts automatically to the power source.

The Hobart MVP 210 is probably the best in it’s class considering its flexibility, quality, and power.

You can weld up to 3/8 inches of steel. Some welders are using it to weld a quarter inch with a killer bead with excellent penetration.
Hobart 210 MVP Features:

  • It has two voltage settings. 115 volt and 230 volt, and it’s easy to plug in and use.
  • It has a maximum output of 210 amps, but it’s a small design making it easy to transport and proving a very powerful output. You can weld up to 3/8″ steel!
  • At 230 volts you get 7 taps (voltage selections). And at 115 volts you get 4 taps (voltage selections ).
  • It’s touted to have ‘infinite wire feed’ settings which makes it much easier to control, not much spatter, and you’ll make a nice bead as well.
  • The Handler 210 MVP is ready to for the Hobart SpoolRunner spool gun which is awesome! Just plug it in and you’re welding aluminum like a pro with no wire issues. You can also use this spool gun with mild or stainless steel wire.
  • The cool thing about this welding machine is that the contactor that’s built in makes the wire ‘cold’ when you are not welding so you won’t blind yourself if you bump it on something when you are not using it.
  • Has storage for spare tips making a change from one polarity to another really easy.
  • You can switch from one wire size to another easily with the Hobart Handler 210 MVP groove drive rolls. This is really handy. There’s one knurled groove and a smooth groove for .030 – .035 inch. (0.8 – 0.9 millimeter) wire.
  • It has a self resetting feature that protects the motor (Self-resetting thermal overload).

If you want to save some money and you can do with a little less power, get either the Hobart Handler 140 or the Handler 190.

Specifications Of The Hobart 210 Mig Welder (MVP):

Rated Output at 30% Duty Cycle: 150 A at 23 VDC (230V)
Rated Output at 20% Duty Cycle :90 A at 19 VDC (115V)
Current Range: 25 – 210 A (230V),  25 – 140 A (115V)
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage: 34 V (230V), 28 V (115V)
Wire Feed Speed Range: 40 – 680 IPM, 60 – 770 IPM at no load

Amps Input at Rated Load, 60 Hz:

230 V – 24
kVA – 5.4
kW- 4.6

Amps Input at Rated Load, 60 Hz:

115 V – 20
kVA – 2.9
kW – 2.5


Hight: 12-3/8 in (315 mm)
Width: 10-5/8 in (270 mm)
Depth: 19-1/2 in (495 mm)
Net Weight: 79 lb (35.8 kg

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