Hobart Auto Arc 130 Mig Welder Review!

Hobart Auto Arc 130The Hobart Auto Arc 130 MIG welder will make surprisingly impressive and strong welds for a 110 volt machine. The wire drive is quite good for a small welder, and you will not have difficulty loading pushing the wire at an even pace.

Advertised Name: Hobart Auto Arc 130 Wire Feed MIG Welder (500549).

If you have researched Hobart at all, you know that they make a fine welder. If they have one drawback, it is the fact that they have a little bit more plastic than a Miller, but it’s no big deal.

However, it’s a quality welder even with the plastic! And I mean top notch. You don’t need to pay more when you are basically getting the same quality. Hey, the gun has ‘Miller’ stamped on it, so you are getting Miller quality in a Hobart machine (Miller bought Hobart).

Back to the review of the Hobart Auto Arc 130:

  • It can weld up to a quarter inch with multiple passes (probably just double). But it may overheat if you are doing a lot of quarter inch welding, so get a more powerful unit if that’s the case (Handler 140).
  • Although the flux cored wire is small, .030 inches, it does feed with speed and the welds are solid (good burn-in).

But with every machine there are a few blemishes, so lets cover them:

  • Since the Hobart Auto Arc 130 MIG welder does not come with gas, you should probably spend a little bit more money and get the regulator because it does not come with one. It’s MIG ‘ready’, so if you get it without gas you’ll be wire feed welding, not MIG welding. But many welders don’t need MIG.
  • The welder pictured above is the Auto Arc 130, and it looks really nice doesn’t it? Hold on! The welder you’ll get will probably be white. But that’s ok, it’s the exact same welder, just white, so who cares?
  • Although getting the wire installed is not hard, this mechanism is a little sensitive. Just be sure you don’t have any slack on the wire when you install it because it make unravel on you and that’s a pain in the rear.
  • If you can afford to pay a bit more, you may want to go with the Handler 140 because it has more power and the price difference is not exorbitant. The Handler 140 is a very good welder.

Bottom Line: Perhaps it is the best MIG welder on the market, at this price, for a first time welder or as a portable welder (or back up). You can literally put this little guy in your front seat or back seat (dangerous), or it can fit in a small trunk. And once again, you can’t beat the fact that it’s American made through and through.

Verdict: a total novice will look like a top welder after a few minutes practice welding with this Hobart Auto Arc 130 MIG welder…

Last minute suggestion: Get the entire welding kit for just $50 more.

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