Hot Max 125 Mig Welder Review

hot max 125 mig welderThe Hot Max 125WFG is one of the best MIG welders in its class. Not only is the unit very useful for hobby welders, but even professionals find that its robust design and superior capability deliver what they promise. Naturally, for professionals working with thicker metals, this might not be suitable, but for the average type of work done on the go or in your garage, this would be a perfect addition to your supply of heavy-duty tools.

The Hot Max 125 isn’t just about good looks. As with the pre-wiring already done at the factory for the SPG spool gun, this versatile welding unit has several other great features that make a big difference when you’re trying to choose the right type of home welder to buy. Here are just some of the features that might catch your eye:

  • At just under 65 pounds, it compares favorably with most other welders in its class.
  • It is gas ready, so you can use the unit with shielding gas if required – or you can use it right out of the box.
  • No need to purchase a separate spool adapter or gas regulators, which, obviously, are additional expenses that are often unwanted.
  • Infinite controls for wire speed and voltage makes it extremely versatile for a variety of purposes.
  • Peak output of 125 Amps, which makes it a great tool for beginner welders and pros doing light work.
  • The welder can be used for precision work – several customers seem to have testified to this fact.
  • A chart on the inside of the plate gives you the wire size, voltage and wire speed for any thickness of material that falls within the capability of the welder.
  • Typically works with a 15 Amp circuit, but for the power it delivers, a 20 Amp circuit is recommended.
  • Flux core welding capability makes it ideal for windy locations – shielding gas would typically be ineffective in this type of situation.
  • The cost is about half of what another 125 Amp Flux/MIG welder would cost.
  • Runs off regular 110V supply – corded power.
  • No need for any kind of assembly. Just take it out of the box, plug it in and start using it.
  • Ideal for travelling welders because the dimensions ensure that it isn’t too bulky to fit easily into the trunk of any car – even a smaller one.

As you can see, this versatile hobby welder is more than just a beginner’s learning kit. It can handle up to ¼” MS, aluminum and SS. You can practically use it anywhere you like because it runs on domestic 110-120V power, and doesn’t require a 3-phase supply to operate. The fact that voltage setting is infinite and can be adjusted without a problem while you’re welding makes this feature a very convenient one.

You won’t need to buy an expensive conversion kit if you need to use a spool gun because, as mentioned above, it’s already factory pre-wired for it. The best part about this kit is that you can switch between MIG and Flux with just the flip of the polarity switch.

Cold wiring when the unit is off, and a thermal overload feature when it’s on make this a very safe product to use. You can easily remove the gun and clamp when you need to move the unit around.

On reviewing all these features, you might consider this to be a product that compares favorably with most other welders in this class of 125 MIG/Flux units.

But what will bowl you over is the list price of $399. If you’re still not convinced, how about a 32% discount on that price – bringing the price to an eye-popping $273.44?! Add free shipping to that and what you are looking at is an opportunity of a lifetime. Buy it on Amazon now and take advantage of a great price on this truly useful welder.

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