Klutch Mig Welder 140SI!

Coming in from the long line of inverter-based welders, the Klutch Mig Welder (140si) is another option for your commercial projects if you are trying to save a few bucks.

This Klutch welder is a little bit lower in price compared to the higher end American made Lincolns and Millers. But it’s still a good machine for tough projects and it can handle light to medium industrial needs for a 115v machine. Read more specs here.

Klutch is a brand name owned by Northern Tool and Equipment which has manufacturing facility in Faribault Minnesota, and China. Where this welder is actually made is not clear. But Northern Tool and Equipment is an American company at its roots, so that is a good thing.

If you need a ton of power output that can boost your needs for welding all the way then this is a decent machine to depend your savings upon.

Klutch 140si MIG Mig Welder Specs.

The machine can handle mild steel just fine and it also greatly works for aluminum materials. It is reliable at handling stainless steel as well. It is powered up by 115 volts of power and is super light weight in comparison to other professional welding systems out there. Welding control is very superb with this machine due to the output range of 30 up to 140 for various types of materials to weld.


klutch mig 140si inverter-powered mig welderBeing an MIG-ready welding machine, it also comes with a shielding gas feature option and also comes already with the needed gas hose and regulator. The torch for MIG welding can span up to 10 feet in length and also comes with the needed clamp and ground cable for you to use. The duty cycle is at 30 at 90 amps.

With an infinite speed control for the wire feed, you can get exactly the kind of welding needs that you want and not damage the materials that you are working on while you are welding them. The weld thickness that the machine can take is up to 3/16 stainless steel at 24-gauge quality.

Running at 140 amps, the machine packs a lot of power and can even handle fluctuations so that you can get only the best kind of clean and consistent output all the time and all the way. With amperage input being less than most welders out there, it is also a time-saving and an energy-saving welder to consider. It also features easy swapping between AC and DC power modes.

Being a machine that is ready for a spool gun, the welding machine can also provide you with ample amounts of control. Its inverter system is something to take pride of as a welding machine that is great in its entire versatility overall. Most transformer welders out there are nothing compared to this powerful welder due to its power requirements being of top notch. The machine is backed by a limited warranty of 3 years.

Benefits and Shortcomings Of The Klutch Mig Welder.

The big advantage of the welding machine is obviously the fact that it is so powerful that you can even use it for medium to large scale projects when you absolutely need it. With a medium duty capacity, it is hard to think and imagine overall that this is a small piece of machinery for welding. As an inverter-based welder, it is quite a powerful beast on the projects that you will work on so it is a good welding machine for those who need it. The machine is versatile to accommodate both DIY duty and professional duty welding so it is quite a usable welder to have both ways.

The only thing that it does not have is flux core welding so it may not be for people who are looking for flux core welder out there. Nonetheless, its various processes of welding are all very good. It is also not capable of stick welding but it is just a minor flaw anyway if you do not need stick welding.

The Final Word On Klutch!

klutch mig 140si inverter-powered mig welder

If you want a well-built welder that can operate smoothly and can hang in there with the top of the line welders in the same class then this might be a good choice for you. You’ll also be supporting an American based business which I always like. And at least you can get support for your welder rather then calling into a call center in China (hopefully).

You really can’t go wrong with the this Klutch MIG 140SI Inverter-Powered MIG Welder. 

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