Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder Review!

Lincoln Electric Handy MIG WelderIf you are looking for a versatile and easy to use welder then the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder may be the welder for you.

This is welder allows you to work in a workshop or go out in the field; it is a welder that is lightweight and robust so it is able to go almost anywhere you need.

One of the simple features of the Handy MIG Welder is that it can be plugged into any standard 110v outlet. While other welders require a step down transformer to convert currents for usage, this welder can simply be plugged in and used anywhere there is a power source. The name “Handy MIG Welder” is nothing short of the perfect name for this welder.

So what is the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder good for?

This welder is perfect for anything other than heavy duty work. This means that you can use it for home hobby shops to build your little projects. You can use this welder for auto body work on cars; it’s a great welder for this type of work. You can even use this handy MIG welder for sheet metal fabrication on lower gauge steel.

What are the welder’s features?

  • There is a 35-88 amps output.
  • The welder can handle anything up to 1/8 inch mild steel.
  • Is not just a MIG welder as it can flux core weld too.
  • Plugs into household 115V, 20 amp outlets.
  • Adjustable wire feed control.
  • Adjustable voltage.
  • Fan cooling to ensure no overheating.
  • Safety feature to ensure welding wire is kept cold until welding commences.

The Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder specifications are:

  • Power – 115/1/60
  • Output – 70A/17V/20%
  • Output Range – 35-88A
  • Current – 20A
  • Spec – Height: 325 mm Width: 224 mm Depth: 457 mm
  • Weight 46.0 lbs. (20.9 kg.)

As mentioned this welder will not be good for heavy duty use, but this doesn’t matter unless you are working on heavy machinery. This handy MIG welder has everything you need for auto body, hobby and fabrication works. As well as giving a clean and strong weld, this welder also gives you a lightweight welder that is easy to maneuver and take where ever you may require.

On top of all this you can even plug it into any plug socket so it is ready to go without additional equipment and at short notice.

For those wondering about all the extras you may need to buy to get started, you don’t need to worry about this at all. This welder comes with a welding accessories kit so you have everything you need other than your own clothing and shielding gas for the welder.


All users state that the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG Welder welder does a great job on thicker material, as well as dial it to weld sheet metal. But one user claimed that it doesn’t feed wire well. It wasn’t consistent. But this may be because it was a faulty wire feed mechanism. It could be that the spring tensioner, wire feed roller, or a tension roller (assuming this model has all these parts).

If you have you been thinking about what MIG welder you should choose but finding it difficult, or you find that there are so many welders out there and you don’t know which one is best for you, you can’t go wrong with a Lincoln.

And if you are not sure if you need something more powerful, you’ll find this mig welder can do exceptional welds for such a small welder.

For a lower priced welder in this class you may want to look at the Northern Industrials mig welder.

Pricing for the Handy Mig Welder: $381.00 – $420.

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