Lincoln Electric Power Mig Multi Process Welder!

If you need a multiple process welder that is easy to set up and has good specs and advanced options should consider the Lincoln Electric Power Mig multi process welder.

Features Of The Lincoln Electric Power Mig.

This multi-process welder is lightweight , so it is a great addition to any home or small shop that you may have. It is extremely portable so you can move from project to project with no hassle at all. Even welding instructors can use this welder to demonstrate stuff to their students with great ease. You can also stand to gain more experience as a novice welder if you use this easy multi-process welder.

Weighing in at just 40 pounds, nothing is simpler and better than an easy-to-lift welding machine. In fact, with dual voltage inputs at 120v or 230v, you can easily plug this thing onto any outlet anywhere in the world without restrictions. For the hobbyist welder, this is already a great buy. The dual voltage feature makes it easy for you to use this on any common power supply.

As a rugged and ready welder, it has all the intuitive features that any welder should have. It combines TIG welding, stick welding and flux core and mig welding all in one machine. In fact, even a small contractor can make good use of this multi-process welder. The easy push and turn mechanism of the welder makes it convenient to operate.

Likewise, it does weld steel as well as stainless steel just fine. The digital controls are also so simple to operate. Surprisingly, it can do aluminum as well so it is also a must-have for people who need to do some TIG welding over aluminum products.

The wire drive has an all-metal construction with this powerful multi-process welding machine. The whole setup is a breeze so you can focus more on perfecting your welding skills instead. The large color display is also easy to navigate through and the intuitive and effortless operation makes the welder super reliable. Everything in this particular machine guides you in setting up the whole thing.

As a reliable multi-process welder you get a ton of advanced options for you to keep yourself on the line when it comes down to welding, whether you are a novice or a pro. The welding machine is also a package as it comes with everything such as the MIG gun, stick clamp, regulator, ground clamp and much more.

Generally, it is very easy to navigate through the settings. As for the durability, the sheet-metal construction is quite sturdy. In fact, all the settings that you need are simple to access. It is a wise investment for a welding machine and those who are beginners at welding can benefit from it. The package also comes with a magnum pro 100sg spool gun ready to be used.

Pros and Cons.

Basically, it is a great welder that can perform various welding processes such as TIG, stick welding and flux core. It is great for a wide variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It is something that can withstand many years of abuse due to the superior durability. As a whole package, you basically do not need to do anything and it can cover a ton of project scopes with its multiple processes.

The only downside is that it can be a bit picky for the TIG since it only has DC TIG function and not AC TIG so it might not have a cleaning action to have a smooth TIG operation. Nonetheless, it is a seemingly basic multi-process aluminum welder so it is okay for people who are just learning to weld.


In the long run, if you want a welding machine that can take them all then you should go for the Lincoln Electric Power Mig Multi-Process Welder due to its versatility. You will pay more for the brand name, but Lincoln almost always delivers on a quality machine and their support has always been good. I emailed them once and they emailed me back the same day. That is not normal in the welding industry. Imagine trying to get hold of a Chinese made machine’s support team.

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