Lotos Mig 175 and Spool Gun Welding Kit!

Want a welding kit that will allow you to weld aluminum and steel in one package without spending $2000? You should definitely look at the Lotos Mig 175 Welder and Spool Gun kit because it a comes complete with starter wire for the spool gun, steel wire for your Mig welding, and just about everything else in between that you need to get welding, minus the gas.

It does come with a cheap welding mask in addition to the other goodies but you’ll need your own quality helmet.

Lotos Mig 175 and Spool Gun Specs.

This MIG welder has 175 amps. As a complete set, the welder comes with a cheap mask which might come in handy if you are desperate. But it comes with several other accessories that are decent to good quality. And perhaps best of all it comes with a spool gun.

The spool gun comes with a roll of aluminum welding wire. Included is a roll of mig welding wire as well, .8 inches to get your started. An argon regulator is already provided so you do not need to go look for one. The standard MIG gun that is included with the package is looking decent for the money.

lotos mig175 welder with spool gun

The dual frequency of the MIG welder is at 50 and 60 Hz and switchable in an automatic way. It operates on 200 volts to 240 volts and is ideal for a ton of material types so it will plug into any 220v outlet.

The various materials that this MIG welder can work upon include aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel among others. Its duty cycle is at 20 percent with 175 amps and its output current on DC is from 30 to 175 amps.

Its maximum flow rate as an MIG welder is at 12 LPM. At a good weight of only 85 pounds, carrying it around your shop won’t be a difficult task at all. With a power efficiency of 80 percent, its typical wire size is at 0.025 inches up to 0.030 inches. As for the thickness of materials, the welder can work for 18-gauge steel for up to 1/4 inch and can work on aluminum for up to 1/8 inch plus the plate.

With the gas hose spanning up to a length of 5 feet, it is a very great convenience for the welder on the go. The MIG welding wires that are an addition to the scene measure 0.8 mm in diameter. The torch for MIG spans at 8 feet with a trigger that is relatively easy to use while the spool gun spans at 10 feet.

The four-prong end connection of both the MIG torch and the MIG spool gun are all easy to set up. The max clamp width of the ground clamp is at 2 inches.

For steel materials, you need about 75 percent of Argon and 25 percent of CO2 for the gas supply. Meanwhile, the welder also has safety features such as an overload protection that can be reset to make sure that the welder can stand for a long period of time. Backed by a warranty of 1 year, you can definitely feel satisfied with this industry-standard welding machine.

Pros and Cons.

lotos mig175 welder with spool gun

Easy to say, the versatility of the MIG welder allows it to be a great welder all in all. It can be used with aluminum gas shielded welding as well as for flux core operations other than for being an MIG welder. It has super ergonomic triggers for the torch and the spool gun so they are very remarkable to use on any project. The easy switching of frequency also takes the hassle off the welder as he or she works on a project.

Like most small welders, this is probably not the best idea for bigger projects but it is okay for the person who needs a decent DIY or hobbyist welding machine. It also seems to lack a 2-stage trigger because it only has one so it is a bit time-consuming for bigger projects. However, that is only if you need to work on bigger projects, anyway.


There’s only a few other quality welding kits that come with a spool gun at a decent price and we wrote about them. But none of them are as cheap as this one. As a whole, the Lotos Mig 175 Welder and Spool Gun is a really good buy. If you have gas you’ll be ready to weld both steel and aluminum within about 10 minutes of getting it. It’s not a Lincoln, Miller, or a hobart but you get a lot of crackle and sizzle for you buck.

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