Metal Man Welding Cart!

At a 110 lbs. capacity, the Metal Man Welding Cart is one unique welding cart you won’t easily ignore due to its design – constructed with sturdy steel material and given a powder coat finish.

Welding Cart Features.

The handle is designed as a convenient fold down that allows you to get a better grip of the cart. Its holding capacity is up to 7 and a half inch diameters and a weight of 80 lbs. Like most professionally-designed welding carts, this one has a slanted top shelf so that the welder can easily access the controls.

It is easily maneuverable and can withstand a lot of weight, as mentioned above. Along with the cart is something to hold the cylinder down – a chain to secure it. If you also need to organize your cables, the cart also comes with cable holders that can be wrapped around.

The new fold down handle allows you to control welding gear and equipment easier, faster and more conveniently. It goes hand in hand with its slanted top design so you can gain easy access to your equipment controls at any angle. The wheels at the back of the cart that allow for a better maneuver measure 6 inches. The front wheels also have dual casters.

The size of this welding cart is surprisingly compact but sturdy. If you will only use it for home projects or similar light welding works, this will last long enough for your money’s worth. The money you have saved from buying this inexpensive welding cart can be used later for upgrading your welding gear such as helmets and others.

Metal Man Welding Cart Specifications.

Metal Man UWC2 Universal Welding Cart

The product comes from China, has a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs. and has a shipping weight of 29.3 lbs. It has dimensions of 42 x 16 x 28 (handle up), 34 x 16 x 20 (handle down) and 13 x 23 (top shelf). The tank size can accommodate about 8 inches in diameter. Warranty is up to 90 days for parts replacement only.

Assembly time of this welding cart takes approximately 30 minutes with 10 nuts and bolts. All the pieces such as the washers, bolts and nuts all come packed together in sets so you will have less time trying to get everything together. The instructions may not be as clear as it should but you will definitely manage to pull through with the pictures and the diagrams.

If there are any missing parts from the package that might have been lost during shipping, you can contact Metal Man and they can ship the missing ones without charge if you talk to their customer service.

Metal Man Cart Advantages and Disadvantages.

The price is the number one advantage that most buyers consider for this product, especially if you are just looking forward to using it for home or garage welding work and not for industrial or heavy use. It is also quite compact and light but still sturdy enough to last long.

There are, however, a few disadvantages. The handle might not be designed well and might accidentally unlatch. The assembling instructions are also not as clear as it should be, so you would have to do things your own way (hopefully, you or someone you know is good at assembling these things).


The bottom line: if you are not someone who is picky at welding carts and would like to save up on money then the Metal Man UWC2 Universal Welding Cart is a great buy because of its durability and easy assembly (without the actual need to depend on the instructions). With just a few minor fixes that you can do yourself, this welding cart will definitely be worth your bucks.

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