MIG 100 Flux Wire Welder Review

mig 100 welderIf you’ve always wanted a corded electric powered welder for your garage projects, then the MIG 100 Flux Wire Welder may be.

At an affordable $109.74, it is one of the most versatile, convenient and pocket-friendly personal welders around. What features make this one of the best welders for the hobby welder? Let’s take a look.

At 38 lbs. the MIG 100 is certainly a strong contender in the portability department. Carry it in style instead of ‘lugging’ it around, or just simply allow yourself to move it around your work area wherever you need it – either way, it’s a very nifty piece of equipment to haul about. Made to quality Chinese manufacturing standards, this unique product is well worth the money, and will save you a lot of time with its slim yet powerful design.

Tech Specs:

The unit uses 90 Amp Flux wire and operates on standard 120 volt AC power – perfect for home use. With a no load voltage rating of 31V and a two-step adjustment option, this ETL approved unit is perfect for most small and medium-sized projects. The Class F insulation and a welding wire size of .035 to .040 inches make this ideal for lighter materials. In fact, for a newbie welder, this will be the perfect machine to get started on because it is easy to use and convenient for smaller projects that are ideal for the new welder learning the ropes of this much-loved craft.

Innovative Design:

What makes this ideal for welders of all levels of expertise is the unique design elements incorporated into this unit: for example, the weld spool can be easily accessed with just the lift of a latch on the top side; the spool is easily locking into place with just a push and twist action, which, on most professional welding units, involves tightening nuts and risking losing washers and springs; in addition, the power cord attaches to the front, which saves a considerable amount of storage space, as anyone familiar with the experience is sure to know.

MIG 100 Flux Wire Welder Packs a Punch!

Rated as a low-end welder, this unit packs a surprising punch, even giving some models of 220V welders a run for their money. Pros have testified to its capabilities, and some have had theirs for years with no problem whatsoever in all that time. However, for heavier jobs you may want to change the flux wire to one that you’re more comfortable with. Use nozzle get if you’re worried about spattering, but changing the wire to suit your need should eliminate any possibility of this happening.

The best part about buying this product is that the seller is very responsive, and any problems you may have (which itself is a rarity) will be fixed quickly and with no fuss at all. This is quite a refreshing experience in a world where most of us spend lots of time and money on technical support with very little to show for it in the end.

At this price, you’re not likely to find a welder that works this well with most materials of a thinner grade. Whether it’s a hobby project, a fix it job or even a metal sculpture you’re working on, this versatile, light-weight and powerful welder will do the job and go beyond. As long as you use the right wire for the job you’re doing and make sure that you watch the duty cycle, everything should go like clockwork. You won’t find that many products that compare favorably to this little beauty; and you’re going to want to recommend it to everybody once you buy it and try it. At this price, it’s certainly well-worth the money you spend on it.

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