Miller AutoSet Explained!

The Miller Auto Set feature is very simple, and very cool. It is only available on the lower end Millermatics like the Millermatic 140, 180, 211, and 212.

Here’s how the auto set feature works:

  • Go to the Wire Feed control knob. You can either set the control manually or using the Autoset.
  • Select your wire diameter, either .30 or .035. The blue light will come on indicating that you are in Auto Set.
  • Go to your voltage control knob and set the material thickness that you are welding.
  • The welder will automatically set itself to the proper parameters. you can also “tweek” the thickness or voltage knob a little if you feel it is necessary.

As I stated earlier, you can also manually set the machine. Just set the wire feed control knob and the voltage to the desired setting and weld.

Millermatic Smooth Start Explained:

Smooth Start is just the Run In speed of the drive motor.  The motor starts out slower and then ramps up to normal speed thus eliminating the spatter and popping starts.

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