Millermatic 250 Mig Welder Review!

millermatic 250The Millermatic 250 Mig Welder is rated at 250 Amps at 28 VDC which is the highest rated output of all the welders in its class. It features a large digital control panel on the front that includes built in digital timers allowing the user to adjust voltage and wire feed speeds on the welder.

It also sports the handy “Auto Gun Detect” feature which allows the user to pull the trigger on the MIG welding gun, the spool gun, or the push-pull gun. The welder will automatically detect the voltage, wire feed speed, and the timer of the gun.

The Millermatic 250 Mig Welder also enables users to set their weld parameters correctly the firs time with its handy new flip-down compartment which provides quick access to the parameter chart and other consumables for the welder. The welder also has line voltage compensation, meaning it will keep the power supply constant, regardless of the variances in the input voltage of up to 10%.

There are not a lot of reviews available for the Millermatic 250 Mig Welder online, however after much digging on the internet we were able to find some reviews from consumers who have purchased and used this welded and what they had to say about its overall performance.

  • These people enjoyed the overall usability of the Millermatic welder and found it to be extremely reliable even under periods of heavy usage. A couple people commented that this welder can weld through thicker material without much hesitation.

Several of the consumers reported that they have owned the Millermatic 250 for many years (some 10+ years) and were happy to report that their welders were still running strong to this day. Furthermore, people were more than pleased with the price of this welder given the features and performance of it compared to other welders in its class.

We were unable to find any negative comments about the Millermatic 250 Mig Welder online in any of these reviews. Millermatic is known for manufacturing high quality welders and it looks as if this one is no different. As the consumers have already pointed out, you will be hard pressed to find a welder in this class for a better price. Due to the positive reviews we have read on this product we are happy to give the Millermatic 250 Mig Welder our seal of approval.

This is a powerful welder that you can hand down to your kids in the future, or you can be assured of a high resale value. Get it now you won’t regret it.

The price is around $2,280 give or take a few bucks.

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