Northern Industrial Mig Welder Review!

northern industrial mig welder 135 ampsThe Northern Industrial Mig Welder is a Flux Cored Mig Welder is ready to weld out of the box.

Bottom Line: This machine is a bargain compared to the other brands in its class which begs a close look at. It’s perfect for a home welder or hobby welder. Some pro’s like this machine very much.

You can use it on small welding jobs on up to sizable jobs like minor chassis fabrication.

You can use it just as a flux cored welder, or you can switch over to MIG because it comes equipped for gas.

You’ll love the beads you lay down with this little machine. But you can’t expect the Norther Industrial MIG welder to be a perfectly smooth operating machine for the price. But if you don’t mind a little work switching polarities then you’ll probably be happy with this machine, especially because it’s so cheap.

Also, there is some plastic on this welder which is to be expected at this price range. But it’s nothing that will affect the performance.

For this price, you can’t ask for a better mig welder.

Once you get it set up you’ll be making nice welds. It won’t do deep penetrating welds as can be expect with 135 amps, so don’t expect to be welding anything major like a major chassis repair or fabrication. But it’s great for the small home, shop, or hobby projects.

Since you can plug this 135 amp Northern Industrial Mig Welder into any home outlet and start welding, and I mean you’ll be welding and making quality beads (once you get the hang of it), and because it’s really cheap for an above board mig welder it’s a sure bet.

If you’ll be welding frequently, and you don’t want the hassles of switching polarities go with a Hobart, Miller, or Lincoln.

Popular Mechanics ranked it as one of their top 6 wire feed welders. They said that they did not like the plastic wire feed mechanism, but other than that they really liked it.

However, they did not mention the switching of polarity issue which tells me they did not attempt it, or they just didn’t have problems with it as we discussed above.

Northern Industrial Mig Welder Pros:

  • It’s extremely affordable.
  • Makes nice beads for a low priced machine.
  • Portable.

Northern Industrial Mig Welder Cons:

  • More plastic than we like.
  • Polarity switch can be a challenge.


  • 22 – 135 amperage output.
  • Mig Ready.
  • Electrically cold: when trigger is off the wire is electrically ‘cold’ which makes it safer.
  • MIG gun is removable – 10 feet.
  • Replacement parts for the gun – Tweco-style.
  • Thermal overload protection.

What You Get:

  • One Mig Welder (135).
  • 1 ten foot MIG gun (removable).
  • 1 10 foot ground cable and clamp.
  • 1 eight foot power cord.
  • 1 dual gauge regulator.
  • 1 gas hose.
  • 2 contact tips (extra).
  • 1 solid flux cored wire.
  • 1 dual groove drive roll.

Price: $340 (WOW!).

Or, you can get a reconditioned Northern Industrial Mig Welder for just $255.

A Northern Tools reconditioned welder is one that has been returned for some reason.  They actually go through the product and check the item out to make sure that they find the problem and then fix it.  According to Northern Tools, the Northern Industrial Mig Welder is as good as a new product.  They just can not sell the item as a new product anymore.

Warranty: The reconditioned welder will have a 3 month parts and labor warranty from the manufacturer.  Northern Tool does offer the additional replacement plans that would start after the manufacturer’s warranty.

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