Save Phace Gen X Series Welding Helmet!

Known to many welders as a brand with a unique helmet design, the Save Phace Gen X Series Welding Helmet is part of Save Phace’s kickass helmet designs that are not just for show but also to keep your face safe, as the name implies.

Features Of The Save Phace Gen X Series Welding Helmet!

Aside from being an ADF or auto darkening filter lens welding helmet, it is also integrated with a unique lens design that goes 180 degrees to give you a better viewing area during your work. The viewing area measures 23 sq. inches. One thing that most welders love about Save Phace products is the design that you will rarely find on sturdy and functional helmets – the graphic design is totally awesome.

But if you are looking for the full dimensions, it is measured 3 by 5 inches with an auto shade of 10. The darkening time is approximately 1/12,000 to 1/25,000.

About the Gen X Series.

The Save Phace brand is known for having different series of helmets and the Gen X is the series that has all the neat features and nearly all of them are equipped with the unique 180 degrees design for the lens and large viewing areas of 23 square inches. The specs for most Gen X series helmets are superb and top of the line.

For instance, nearly all of them have a perfect optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1. It might not have a variable shade compared to other series but it has a fully automatic power control because it is a solar powered welding helmet and has interchangeable lenses of 3 to 5, 8 to 10 and 12. It is also compatible with cheater or magnifying lens for your convenience in welding. The optimal operation temperature of the welding helmet is from 14 to 149 degrees F (-10 to 65 degrees C).

Save Phace 3010059 Asp EFP Gen X Series Welding Helmet

Many users say that the helmet is a great welding companion to fit on their heads. The auto darkening is also of high quality and the helmet overall is quite lightweight. Having a lightweight welding helmet is very important because it keeps you focused on your work without worrying too much on the weight of the helmet you are carrying and it also saves you from extra luggage weight when you travel with it.

Pros and Cons.

The Save Phace helmet is a greatly designed ADF helmet not just on the outside but also on the inside. It works well on any welding job. Its auto darkening feature works as it should and the whole helmet is very lightweight and easy to carry around whether in use or traveling from one place to another. Its revolutionary lens design is also a notch above most common ADF helmets. Most people say that the ADF works really fast compared to most products and the lens has superior quality.

Having great optical clarity in your welding session is important if you want to get all of the details. Another thing worth noting of this Save Phace helmet is that you can attach all sorts of gadgets to it – from respirators to magnifying lenses, to improve your welding experience.

The only few downsides include some problems on the knobs when it comes to tightening them because they come out loose when lifting the hood, but this can be worked over by a couple of Teflon tapes. It is only best for home use since it is solar-powered. This is also not suitable for heavy welding because it might melt the lens. Also, if you try to purchase extra lenses, they can cost more than regular replacement lenses of other brands.


The Save Phace Gen X may not be for those who want a variable shade but nonetheless, its revolutionary design can get you high quality welds in no time.

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