The Best Mig Welder For The Money!

mig wire feed weldingThe best mig welder for the money and your projects depends on a few basic but important things that you may not have thought of. For example:

  • How much power can you get to your mig welder?
  • What types of projects or jobs will be using it for?
  • How often will you be using it?
  • Do you want it to be portable?

If you are operating from a standard home outlet, which for older outlets is around 110 volts, or 120 to 125 volts for newer outlets, the choices are many.

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You have the top brands, Miller, Lincoln, and now Hobart. But there are many lesser known brands that are competing for market share, like Northern Industrials, and Chinese made mig welder.

What should you get?

Side Bar: when looking for the best mig welder for home use or from a standard 110v outlet, 110v can mean 115v or 120v. For all intents and purposes, 110v is the same as 115 or 120v/125v.

hobart handler 140The Best Home Mig Welder (Or Small Shops):

The best mig welder in terms of power, reliability, and price in it’s class, and can run from a standard home outlet or 110/115/120 volt outlet is either the Hobart Handler 140, or the Hobart Handler 210 MVP. The 210MVP is more expensive but the cool thing about this welder is that you can switch from 115v to 230v. So if you upgrade your outlet, move, or do a job where there is a 230v outlet you don’t to spend more money on a new, more powerful welder.

But the Hobart 140 is no joke either. It is solid, and you will be happy with it if you are using it on anything from small hobby welding projects to heavier jobs like auto body work.

Bargain Mig Welders That Are Worth A Look At:

norther industrial mig welderIf you are looking for cheaper welder that for the money is quite good, then go with the Northern Industrial Mig Welder. For the price you can’t beat it. However, if you want something even cheaper, get the Harbor Freight 110 amp mig welder. It’s half the price and it works quite well.

But get the extended warranty on both of these welders. If it breaks down you may have trouble getting parts of finding someone to fix it.

It’s hard to find a reason you shouldn’t get these welders except for the fact that it’s not as powerful as the Handler series, and they may not last as long or be as reliable as the Millers, Lincolns, or Hobarst.

They are ideal for someone who just needs a welder for smaller hobby projects or occasional jobs that need attention around the home or farm.

Best Mig Welder For Auto-body Work or Small Or Large Shops:

miller millermatic 211 mig welderA small step up from the Hobart welders, and something for the more serious welder who will be welding more often, and on a more professional level,  is the Millermatic 211.

It’s awesome because it has Miller’s patented Auto-set and Smooth Start technology that no other welder has, and it can operate on both 120v and 230v outlets.

This welder does it all, and it’s not cheap as a result. The price is around $1000 at a discount. Miller advertises it at over $1300. But it’s worth every penny and more if you can afford it. It can weld up to 3/8 inch mild steel (or 9.5 millimeter) , or as thin as 18 gauge aluminum (or 1.2 millimeters).

For The Bigger Jobs:

For larger, more powerful welders where you be welding thicker metals, and aluminum, and doing it often, the best mig welder would be the Millermatic 252, or the Hobart Ironman 230..

ironman 230 mig welderOnce again, you are going to pay more for the Miller. So if you are struggling with the price go with the Ironman 230. It welds up to 1/2 inch mild steel.

The Millermatic welds up to 1/2 inch as well but it can weld 22 gauge while the Hobart Ironman can weld 24.

The Hobart is slightly less expensive because it’s not a Miller. It does not have the Auto Set and Smooth Start, and it doesn’t put out quite as much power, but it’s an excellent mig welder. Many welders swear by it. Either one is a good choice.

Here is a list of the best wire feed mig welders based upon price:

  • Under $2000: Millermatic 252 or the Hobart Ironman 230.
  • Under $1200: Millermatic 211
  • Under $1000: Hobart 210 MVP or the Lincoln 180 Easy Mig
  • Under $600: Hobart Handler 140 or the Lincoln 140 Easy Mig
  • Under $400: Hobart Auto Arc 130 or the Northern Industrial 135
  • Under $300: Northern Industrials 135 Mig (Reconditioned), Clarke WE6527 160EN (if you can find one), or the Harbor Freight 110 Amp Flux Wire Welder (get the warranty for sure).

As for all welders it’s highly recommended you get the extended warranty. You are pretty solid with the Millers, Lincolns, and Hobarts but, for other brands you should get the extended warranty for sure.

The Best Mig Welder Overall For The Money:

handler 210 mvp mig welderIf you twisted my arm and made me decide on one welder, I would have to go with the Hobart 210 MVP because for it’s size it’s powerful, it can work off of 115v or 230v, and it’s reliable.

But the great thing about buying a Hobart 210MVP is you can get a professional quality spool gun with the welder. And it’s a good one. Not the cheap ones you get with other package deals. Plus, Hobart is that it’s under the Miller name now (Miller bought Hobart). Lastly, will have a good resale value.

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