Wel-Bilt Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet!

Having a shade range of 9 to 13, the Wel-Bilt Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet is one of the cheaper options for an ADF helmet that has a striking and unique design composed of sturdy material with high impact nylon built to last.

Features Of The Wel Bilt Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet!

As a solar-powered ADF helmet, it takes away the hassle of running out of batteries or charging for hours and it is also very convenient and environment-friendly. It has a ratcheting headgear that is 5 point adjustable and has a sweatband replacement.


Wel-Bilt’s ADF helmet has viewing area dimensions of 3.86 by 1.73 inches which is a great measurement to get a wider field of view while on the workplace. Its switching time is 1/25,000 seconds so it ensures you get a quick reaction that reduces the risks of getting flashed as soon as you weld. Concerned for your safety, it meets the safety requirements of CSA and ANSI so you are guaranteed a high-quality product.

Aside from the adjustable sensitivity, it also has an adjustable fit that gives the user much comfort while doing their work. The lens is also UV and IR coated and passed CSE and CE standards. The downside, though, is that it doesn’t tell you when it is about to run low on battery, but maybe such feature isn’t as needed because it is a solar-powered ADF helmet.

The Wel-Bilt auto darkening helmet can be used for a variety of welding processes, including TIG, flux, arc welding and MIG. It works well for beginners and intermediate welders alike because it is remarkably cheap but very functional.

Wel-Bilt: Variable-Shade Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Pros and Cons Of The Wel Bilt Variable-Shade Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet.

The first thing that you will definitely notice about this auto darkening helmet is the price value. Almost any beginner or hobbyist welder can afford it, so you won’t have to worry about costs. You can easily store it and if ever it gets damaged, you won’t be at loss on your money.

The comfort of the headband is very secure and well-built, just like its name, which makes it live up to its reputation of not just durability but also comfort to the wearer. Being comfortable with the helmet while welding in all sorts of positions as well as taking the heat of the fumes is very important. This is because if you feel uncomfortable, the welder can lose his or her concentration during work, as concentration during welding is very crucial.

It is also a multi-purpose welding helmet that is built for a variety of welding processes such as MIG, TIG and others. You will also be satisfied with its high-quality design. The only thing that can get you down with this ADF helmet is that despite being said it has a sensitivity adjustment, it’s not actually quite precise.

The material might also look sturdy at first but because it is priced considerably cheap, you might want to be careful with its plastic material. The quality of the lens is also a bit questionable, but you can just top it off with replacement lens if you want. Also, as it is a cheaply-priced auto darkening welding helmet, it has a very limited warranty of only 1 year, compared to 3 or 4 more years of the other brands that are pricier and much more quality.


If you are a beginner and want to try the Wel-Bilt variable shade auto darkening welding helmet then go ahead. After all, it was designed for those who want easy protection against flash or a cheaper alternative to Miller-like helmets in the market. Just make sure that you don’t use this ADF helmet on bigger projects.

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